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    Registered ASIC Agent #421

    Working with ASIC since 1987

    Our staff have worked with (and even for) ASIC for over 28 years. See more about  registered agents at ASIC

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    Business Name Chooser


    Helping startups choose a name

    Want to do a check while on the move if ASIC, IP Australia and Domain names are available? Try www.businessnamechooser.com app for iPhone

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    ASIC Software Provider 

    # 16130848047

    Registration, reviews, and more...

    We work with ASIC to streamline and accelerate the whole company secretarial process.

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    Call anytime on 1800 831 540 

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    We are at Unit 4, 2 Richardson St, West Perth, Western Australia

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    For company registration, directors and shareholdings

    Ensure you have a unique name in Australia

    Use a Discretionary Family Trust for asset protection

    Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) & bare trusts

    Use a Unit Trust for sharing in fixed proportions

    If you are expecting turnover >$75,000 per annum




    I always receive a personalised and courteous service, prompt attention, quick response and work turnaround and a high level of professionalism, which is very important to my staff, my clients and me.


    Principal, large accounting firm

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  • About ACN DIrect

    ACN Direct was acquired by Shelf Companies Australia in 2012.


    At Shelf Companies Australia we provide exceptional service to our clients and simplify an otherwise complicated process.


    With services including Trust and Super Fund establishment as well as secretarial services, our clients value us for our quality documentation and friendly, professional service.